Silky Goat & Nature's EssentOils

Why choose a skin care product made with goat milk and natural ingredients?


Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put ON your skin is just as important as what you put IN your body.

Go "back to the basics"  and choose from our Silky Goat products.  You can't go wrong with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive and palm oils, chamomile, lavender, grapefruit seed, vitamin E, honey and witch hazel.  You'll find no alcohol in our products.

After using our products, many find dry, damaged hair is restored to soft, shiny and healthy; cracked and "weeping" skin healed and repaired.  Skin diseases are more tolerable to products made with  natural ingredients.  Our products are gentle and mild; safe and effective for skin of all ages.

Go a step further and choose from the Nature's EssentOil products.  These essential oil-infused products are designed for specific purposes.  We use 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils for ultimate treatment and healing.