From our farm to your home

bullet imagebullet imageIf you live in this area, then you know us by our reputation and quality.  Maybe you've visited us at a local farmer's market, special event or seen our trademark goat-head logo.  Gourmet Goat cheese, Silky Goat skincare and Nature's EssentOil products are synonymous with our farm name.


The Right Way

Milked in Grade A dairy environments and fed just the right diet, goat milk should taste the same as cow milk.  

We use that same mild tasting goat milk in the manufacturing of our gourmet cheese.


Our products

Gourmet Goat is the only goat cheese manufactured in a 75 mile radius. We alone can boast of being absolutely local to the upstate of South Carolina.

Silky Goat all-natural skin care will  surpass all expectations of what you want in a moisturizing, organic product.

Nature's EssentOils are personal care products made with 100% therapeutic grade, organic essential oils. 




When we decided to start our goat dairy, it was because of our love for a natural way of small, sustainable farming.  Too many farms are owned by large corporations that are more concerned by their "bottom line" profit margin than providing quality,local foods. We wanted to do business on a small scale so we could provide the right amount of attention to our products.